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Friday, May 27, 2011

DMX To Be Released From Prison By End Of Summer

The  rapper will be placed under supervised watch on July 1st.
DMX is currently behind bars serving a yearlong sentence for violating the terms of his probation by using drugs. But the gruff rapper, born Earl Simmons, will be back on the streets by the end of the summer.
According to court records, Dark Man X will be released from prison under supervised watch on July 1st. His supervision will end on August 12th, while his maximum end date in prison ends on August 25th.
X headed back to prison on December 16th after pleading guilty to violating his probation. At the time, the judge speculated that he had “an undiagnosed mental condition” and possibly suffered from bi-polar disorder. He was admitted to the Flamenco Mental Health Unit at the facility.
This marks DMX’s 13th incarceration. He was arrested in Maricopa County, Arizona in November 2010 for violating probation stemming from an incident involving attempted aggravated assault by throwing a food tray at a jail guard, as well as theft by using a fake name to dodge a $7,500 hospital bill.

In my opinion DMX was once the best rapper to do it even better than Jay-z after at the battle they had ...yeah i watched it and you probably did too DMX MURKED THAT FLOW.Lets hope he gets back to that realness gangstas love.


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